Interests 研究興趣

  • Image processing 影像處理
  • Machine learning 機器學習
  • Computer vision 電腦視覺
  • Deep learning 深度學習

Introduction 研究簡介

  • A short introduction to my research: [PPT] [PDF]
  • 研究簡介:[PPT] [PDF]

Fake Image Detection (2018-)

[IEEE IS3C Conference]

Learning to Detect Fake Face Images in the Wild

[Project] [PDF]  [GitHub]

偽造 / 造假 照片偵測!!

Social Media Prediction (2016-2018)

[ACM Multimedia 2018]

Social Media Headline Prediction Winner (2nd place) [GitHub]

[ACM Multimedia 2017]

[Social Media Prediction Based on Residual Learning and Random Forest]

*Best Grand Challenge Paper Award.

[PDF] [GitHub]


Large-Scale Image Clustering (2016-2017)

[TMM 2018] [ICIP 2017]

[CNN-Based Joint Clustering and Representation Learning with Feature Drift Compensation for Large-Scale Image Data]

[PDF] [Code (coming soon)]


Image Deblocking and Super-Resolution (2013-2014)

[TMM 2015] [MMSP 2013]

[Learning-Based Joint Super-Resolution and Deblocking for a Highly Compressed Image]

*MMSP 2013 Top 10% paper award

[Project Page] [PDF] [Matlab Source Code (32-bit only)]

同時去除區塊效應並提高解析度 (放大後不模糊)!

Super-Resolution of Textured Video (2012~2014)

[IEEE Transaction on Image Processing (TIP)] [MMSP 2014]

[Temporally coherent super-resolution of textured video via dynamic texture synthesis]

[Project Page] [PDF] [Matlab Code]

提供動態紋理視訊的超解析度技術 (放大後不模糊)!

Quality Assessment for Image Retargeting (2011~2013)

[IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Signal Processing] [VCIP 2013]

[Objective quality assessment for image retargeting based on perceptual geometric distortion and information loss]

[Project Page] [PDF] [Matlab Code]

評估影像濃縮技術的品質 (即對這張影像結果作評分)!

Super-Resolution (2010-2011)


[Image super-resolution via feature-based affine transform]

[Project Page] [PDF] [Executable Code (Matlab)]

We provided only implements NLM with the proposed method as an example.


Face Hallucination (2008-2010)


[Face hallucination using Bayesian global estimation and local basis selection]

[Project page] [PDF] [Matlab code & Database]

人臉超解析度放大 (從很小張人臉影像放大到清晰的人臉影像)!

Video Forensics (2007-2008)


[Video forgery detection using the correlation of noise residue]

*Citations > 100

[PDF] [Matlab code] [Database]


Image Authentication (2006-2007)

[Optical Engineering]

[Image authentication and tampering localization based on watermark embedding in the wavelet domain]

[Download PDF] [Source Code]