We received the 3rd place (excellent performance award) from Vehicle Re-identification Challenge in VCIP 2019!!

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We just won the 5th place from MMSP Embedding Object Detection Challenge!

Congrats to my graduate students 簡志宇 莊易修 ...Read More

One paper has been accepted to IEEE AVSS Conference 2019!

Congrats to my undergraduate students 李俊毅、馬欣蒂

One paper has been accepted to ACM Multimedia 2019!

Our research paper entitled "Popularity Prediction of Social Media based on Multi-Modal Feature Mining", has been accepted to ACM Multimedia 2019!

We just received the excellent performance award from ITRI AIDEA platform in AOI recognition challenge!!

Congrats to my student 李俊毅 again!!

We won 【first place】 in ACMMM Social Media Prediction Challenge!! Congrats to my student 李俊毅. PS. ACM MM is the most popular and famous International Multimedia-related Conference. ...Read More

One paper has been accepted to IEEE Transactions on Image Processing!

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One paper has been accepted to ICIP 2019!!

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Two MOST Projects approved!! 兩項科技部合作計畫獲通過。

自駕車次系統開發專案,歡迎對自駕車有興趣同學加入! AI創新中心計畫-少量資料深度學習理論與實務,徵求有意願深入AI領域的好手加入! Wanted you! The project - Deep Learning Networks for Applications with Limited Labeling Data - needs you to join us to study the latest deep learning techniques in theorem and practice. Joining our second project - Development of enabling autonomous vehicle technologies with integration, application, and proving ground validation - can learn the most advanced CNN/LSTM modules for computer vision tasks. ...Read More

We just received the Excellent Paper Award in WCE2018 Conference (2018民生電子研討會)!!

  • Graduate Student Recruiting 強力徵求碩士生!
  • Undergraduate Student Recruiting 強力徵求專題生!